Surviving America as a Millennial

Five Tips For Aspiring Writers

Writing isn’t red carpets and fame. It’s tiny, dark rooms, wrestling over the perfect words, asking yourself why the f*ck you thought writing was a good career choice.

Last Chance California – One Year Later

I never felt good enough to publish my writing. I was afraid I’d embarrass myself. Who would care what I had to say? What makes my perspective worth writing about?

A year ago today, I said fuck all that and published my first novel, Last Chance California.

Dear Baseball, Love Philadelphia

There’s magic in the air when the Phillies are chasing a pennant. A few more weeks of fall, weather be damned, there’s baseball to play. It’s been a while since the city felt this type of rush. For almost two decades, baseball was non-existent in Philadelphia. The faithful tried to stay into the sport, but it was bad pitching, worse offense, early winters, and Eagles chants in the stands before August.