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Last Chance California – One Year Later

I never felt good enough to publish my writing. I was afraid I’d embarrass myself. Who would care what I had to say? What makes my perspective worth writing about?

A year ago today, I said fuck all that and published my first novel, Last Chance California.

Dear Baseball, Love Philadelphia

There’s magic in the air when the Phillies are chasing a pennant. A few more weeks of fall, weather be damned, there’s baseball to play. It’s been a while since the city felt this type of rush. For almost two decades, baseball was non-existent in Philadelphia. The faithful tried to stay into the sport, but it was bad pitching, worse offense, early winters, and Eagles chants in the stands before August. 

More Bad Life Advice

For the longest time I believed so many lies. After each major accomplishment in my life, no matter how big or small, it felt hollow. Always. Graduations, promotions, raises, awards… it felt good in the moment, the ego got a nice boost, but the happiness was fleeting. It would quickly change to resentment. Was this what I was doing with my life?