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Surviving America As a Millennial

More Bad Life Advice

For the longest time I believed so many lies. After each major accomplishment in my life, no matter how big or small, it felt hollow. Always. Graduations, promotions, raises, awards… it felt good in the moment, the ego got a nice boost, but the happiness was fleeting. It would quickly change to resentment. Was this what I was doing with my life?

Increase the Minimum Wage

$7.25 an hour. That’s what the average human being is worth to American businesses. An hour of labor isn’t worth a movie ticket. Or a container of laundry detergent. What happens when gas prices hit minimum wage? Wait. I know. We can say that an hour of work from an average American laborer is worth one gallon of gas.

Snow Day: To Commute or Sleep In

As a kid, snow meant no school and frolicking all day in white powder. As an adult, it meant a stressful catastrophe. I could never afford a snow-capable vehicle, like a truck or SUV, which made adult snow days even more hellish for me. It didn’t matter if conditions were especially bad, I still had to make it into work.

Pam & Tommy Advances Rape Culture in America

Rolling Stone wrote a piece in 2014 about the stolen sex tape, which is what Seth Rogen and his cronies at Disney and Hulu used to create a “sexy” limited series without the permission of Pamela Anderson, the woman who was exploited in her most private moments without consent. Now, nearly thirty years later, Pamela Anderson was once again exploited to the entire world without giving her consent over a show about her stolen sex tape.


There’s nothing better than a woman’s love. The world will never convince me otherwise. It’s why I fall in love with every woman I meet Unfortunately, it’s not an exaggeration. I can’t help myself.