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Once Upon A Subway

Harper and Wyatt are former college sweethearts who reunite on a serendipitous subway ride years after their passionate, yet turbulent, relationship ended.

On a frigid December evening, fate brings them together once more as they share a subway commute to New Jersey. Their chance encounter ignites long-forgotten sparks, tempting them with the possibility of rekindling their love.

As the train hurtles through the night, the electric tension between them rekindles, and they’re forced to confront their lingering love for one another. Is this a second chance at love or a final goodbye?

In this poignant romantic drama, the past and present blur as Harper and Wyatt relive their passionate, yet stormy, love story, overshadowed by Wyatt’s unresolved demons and battle with alcoholism.

Once Upon A Subway is a heart-wrenching exploration of love, loss, and the power of healing–a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever tried to love someone deeply damaged.

Debut Novel

Last Chance California

Set on the verge of the COVID-19 pandemic, Price’s sarcastic and stubborn narrator leads us on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, asking the question, can we ever truly escape our past?

Also Published by Brian Versus the World

Get Off My Boat, Tim: The Dark Side of Self Help

In this fictionalized memoir, Get Off My Boat, Tim: The Dark Side of Self-Help, author R.S. Moon tackles these questions, and chronicles her own comedic, heart-rending, sometimes raunchy, descent into self-help addiction.

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