Author name: Brian Price

Brian Price worked in the marketing and communications industry for nine years. The Public Relations Society of America, American Business Awards, and Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals are a few of the organizations that awarded his work. But who actually cares about that? He certainly doesn’t. Sick of bookshelves being stuffed with bureaucrats’ memoirs and snake-oil entrepreneurs using books as sales funnels, Brian started a blog. Then he wrote a novel, Last Chance California. If he isn’t reading or writing, Brian is probably playing with his rescue pup, Bucky or ranting about the government.

35 Thoughts on 35 Years

I couldn’t remember how old I was turning this year. First time in my life that happened. I had to count the years from 1987 to 2022. Three. Four. Five. Thirty five. Another milestone. Welcome to the decline.

More Bad Life Advice

For the longest time I believed so many lies. After each major accomplishment in my life, no matter how big or small, it felt hollow. Always. Graduations, promotions, raises, awards… it felt good in the moment, the ego got a nice boost, but the happiness was fleeting. It would quickly change to resentment. Was this what I was doing with my life?