Brian Price Returns with His Second Novel, “Once Upon A Subway”: A Riveting Exploration of Love, Loss and Healing

I’m baaaaaack.

My second novel, “Once Upon A Subway“, explores love’s complexities through Harper and Wyatt’s romance. These former college sweethearts, who shared a passionate and stormy relationship, unexpectedly reunite on a subway ride almost two years after their split.

Harper, on the verge of taking the next step with her boyfriend and Wyatt’s old rival, Brad, is also progressing rapidly in her career. Despite being happy, Harper fears that she’s losing her individuality and that the rest of her life will be defined by the man she’s with. Wyatt on the other hand, is still dealing with the emotional residue of their relationship and is struggling to keep his life on track finding himself drowning in booze and self-loathing.

On a bitter December night, a fortuitous encounter reconnects the former lovers. “Once Upon A Subway” seamlessly merges Harper and Wyatt’s past and present, highlighting their star-crossed romance doomed by Wyatt’s ongoing struggle with his personal demons. But the book extends beyond the tale of Harper and Wyatt—it resonates with anyone who has loved, experienced loss, and found the fortitude to recover. This story delves deeper than a traditional love story, confronting the struggles involved in loving someone burdened by their past. The novel embodies a heartfelt exploration of love, pain, and the prospect of healing. It sends a message of resilience and hope, underscoring our inherent capacity to love and heal, despite our scars.

I hope this story lingers with readers, providing comfort, insight, and maybe even a route towards healing.

Upcoming Projects

In terms of what I am working on, I’m currently fine-tuning a poetry collection, “The Revolution in My Mind,” due for a June release. I am also working on my third novel, “Surviving America As A Millennial.” This book centers on a man’s pursuit of the elusive American Dream and the ensuing chaos when this vision crumbles. It’s a humorous story about the horrors of trying to earn a living in Corporate America.

Lastly, I am also working on a sequel to “Last Chance California,” which pays tribute to Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” set for release next year.