Author Overpromises is Forced to Push Release of Second Novel

I bit off more than I could chew. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. It won’t be the last either. I wanted to publish my second novel Once Upon a Subway on September 5, 2022, but it’s not gonna happen. Over zealous. Excited. I published one book, I could do it again. Two books in two years after never writing a book before? Child’s play. How hard could it be to write another book?

Pretty fucking hard.

Truth is, I want to give Once Upon a Subway it’s proper tender, love, and care. This is the book I’ve been working on for ten years. Yeah, ten years on and off, not straight. I’m not George R. Martin. Once Upon a Subway is a difficult story, but a beautiful and profoundly personal one for me. I want to make sure it’s written, edited, and marketed correctly, and not rushed. Quality is most important to me, especially when it comes to writing. With that being said, I am terrible editor, like any great writer. To ensure I produce the best version of this story that I can write, I need more time. Once Upon a Subway will be released in 2023. What’s another year after ten?

I’m sorry for the bad news for those anticipating my next book. I learned a lot by self-publishing Last Chance California and I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with Last Chance California, but there are definitely some things I would have approached differently.

With that blah update, here’s some good news: I will be writing more consistently on here. Not for my readers, but to practice my craft, take some chances, push some buttons … but mostly, my new focus will be on fictional stories instead of my political rant bullshit. I mean, I’ll still write that, because it’s cathartic, but I want to tell more human stories. Make people laugh, think, and shake their heads at the absurdity of our existence.

Thanks for reading. It’s been a drag not writing.

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