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Freedom is the Right to Choose

When you tell every kid they’re special, give them a participation trophy, and provide instant access to immeasurable information with unlimited shots of endorphins – people tend to develop quite the complex. Myself included.

I am evolved and smart. I have found thirty-eight articles and seventeen studies to showcase why I am correct. I didn’t check other viewpoints though. Or ask anyone with differing opinions on their opinions.  I only found articles that support my perspective. You are wrong. You are stupid. I am right. I am the superior being. And I don’t have time for idiots.

That’s how we interact nowadays.

Why is it imperative to be better than others?

Why is it important to be right?

Why is being wrong and admitting it worse than death?

Why does it matter that your perspective is correct?

Is your ego that fragile?

Or are you that confident in yourself that you believe you have the correct answers to all of humanity’s biggest issues?

When’s the last time you were wrong about something?

Are you ever wrong?

But I thought we were all special?

Or is it only you that’s special?

Is your viewpoint the truth?

How do you know?

Because you read a book written hundreds of years ago?

Because you “trust the science” which changes every single day as we gain more technological advances and discover more things?

Maybe you are just a special little human being.

But most of us aren’t. And we all spend too much time protecting our perspective to actually listen to what someone else is saying. None of us can see the world without our own bias. Again. NONE of us see the world without our own bias clouding our vision.

But the science says …

I have a degree.

I have traveled the world.

I watch the slanted news every day.

They’re tearing this country a part.

Anyone who votes for him is a racist.

Everyone who votes for him is a socialist.

I talk to people.

I’ve experienced the world.

This or that. Black or white. Right and wrong. Truth and lies. One or the other. Winner and loser. Do you believe there’s only two ways to think about anything?

I’ve had enough. I can’t tolerate anyone who thinks that way. I’ll refuse to listen.

Should I bow to you since I am in the presence of such a superior being?

Or pity you for not being able to keep your emotions in check and have a conversation with someone who thinks differently than you?

None of us sees this world correctly. If we did, we’d be God.

But so and so is so stupid. It’s obvious she is not informed. How can she think that?

Have you tried asking her without assaulting her views on the world? Or are you a bully who makes the world cower to your perspective?

Freedom is a choice.

Self-righteousness is forcing your beliefs on people that don’t believe what you do.

We live in a world where everyone seems to try and force our shared reality to their selfish perspective.

And it’s dangerous.

Abortions are a choice.

Is it murder?

I don’t know. It could be. I’m just a stupid man.

But denying a woman her right to choose is unAmerican.

It’s anti-freedom.

“My Body, My Choice” should apply to everyone. Not just abortions. Isn’t that what freedom is? The freedom of choice. Whether you think people are stupid, murderers, evil, or conspiracy theorists, we all have a right to believe what we want to believe in. Even if it’s dumb. That’s freedom.

As humans, we demonize whoever doesn’t see things from our point of view. We label and put those we don’t understand in a box, and that’s that.

Sure, people do a lot of bad things in the name of their beliefs. Some heinous acts of violence and oppression have been committed under the guise of “being correct.” But for this American experiment to get back on track, we need to let people be free. Really free. Have a little faith in your fellow human. If you can’t, that says more about you than our world. And if real freedom leads to our destruction, well, maybe we’re just a stupid and awful species. But I’d rather die free than have to listen to anymore mind gymnastics when “intellectuals” debate things.

The government can’t force me to take a COVID-19 shot, but the government can certainly tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies.  (COVID-19 shots don’t work, but abortions kill babies.)


The government can force people to take a COVID-19 shot, but the government can’t tell women what to do with their bodies. (Not taking COVID-19 shots leads to death, but fetuses aren’t living beings.)


And obviously a basic argument for a complex debate. But it seems to me the science matters only matters depending on the situation. Or argument.

Who will protect those who are defenseless? Babies can’t speak for themselves.

You don’t believe in abortions? Don’t support them. Don’t get them. Pray for those who you believe are committing murder. But don’t prevent other people from getting abortions. Let whatever God you believe sort it out. Or don’t pray and mind your business. If you’re so concerned about the well-being of unborn children and what private medical decisions women make, why not adopt children in foster care or put your money where your mouth is and give resources and financial aid to women who are considering abortions? What’s that you say? It’s not your problem? It’s not your choices that led to being pregnant? Then shut up with your virtue signaling and stop telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies.

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