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A Poor Man’s Ramblings

I don’t think capitalism is the worst idea humanity has ever had. It can work, but maybe humans are just too greedy for it to be successful. At least here in America. Capitalism isn’t even what I’d call our economy currently in America. Maybe at some point it was, but it’s sure not anymore.

A free and fair market? A few men in suits decide the value of our currency; called the Federal Reserve.  How many Americans truly understand the stock market? Our court system rewards the wealthy with the best lawyers and preferential treatment. Our banks? Charge fees on minimum balances for accounts with the least amount of money after our government quite literally bailed these same banks out. National politicians transform into millionaires once elected. And their investment strategy outperforms that stock market we don’t understand. Only employees deserve the right to healthcare. Our poorest states have the worst educational systems breeding a cycle of inequality. Math scores in America haven’t improved in decades causing Americans to lag behind most of the modern world. Our government finds billions to fund war in an instant, but Congress fights for months over $600 for its own people. We’re tribalistic to brands and sports teams instead of celebrating our differences and honoring our common humanity. If divide and conquer is the strategy, capitalism is the most effective population control the world has ever seen.

Now, I won’t continue to beat a dead horse, but there’s too much corruption for America to be a truly capitalistic society. Unless of course that’s the trick. Make everyone believe they’re a capitalist. I live in a rough neighborhood, but at least I’m not on the streets. I’m trapped in debt, but at least I live in a suburban neighborhood with good schools. My wife and I are always working and never home, but at least our kids have private school and maids. Up the ranks we go. Most a little better off than the generation before. Everyone with someone to chase after. Everyone with a poor soul to look down on. A threat and a reward. We work hard, things should be better. But things could be worse. A lot worse. And that’s what we call freedom.

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