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The American Bureaucracy Accountability Report: March 20, 2022

Daylight Savings Time Gets Cancelled

On Tuesday, Congress undid something that made no sense. The Sunshine Protection Act will stop Americans from resetting their clocks twice per year starting in 2023. No more Daylight Savings Time. More sunlight. Less seasonal depression. I’d call that a win.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy Begs Congress for Help; President Biden Throws Money at the Problem

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met via video chat with the United States Congress last week. Everyone cheered and clapped when the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, introduced the under-siege president to our politicians. Reporters, political communication teams, and politicians themselves shared the heartwarming moment all over the internet, radio, and broadcast waves. What a beautiful moment. They all stood with Ukraine and its people. At least for a moment. For the optics.

Next, President Zelenskyy asked for help defending his country from a foreign invader. He showed videos of the Russian military attacking civilians, including a hospital and school, and compared this invasion to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Congress listened but didn’t give him any tangible help. They applauded President Zelenskyy and offered nothing else, but political theater for the American people.


Scratch that.

President Biden did find it in his heart to aid Ukraine after President Zelenskyy’s heartfelt speech to Congress. In fact, President Biden found $800 million to send to Ukraine.

A few weeks ago, the American government refused to send MIG fighters to Poland, who would send the fighter jets to Ukraine, which President Zelenskyy requested. American officials declined the move describing it as an offensive act of war. Yet, we’re sending more weapons, “800 anti-aircraft systems to combat Russian planes; 9,000 anti-armor systems to help destroy Russian tanks and armored vehicles; 7,000 small arms such as machine guns and shotguns; and a total of 20 million rounds that includes artillery and mortar,” to help Ukraine defend their country under this new $800 million order by President Biden. That’s the semantics the Biden administration is using when choosing what actions to take and which to avoid in Ukraine. I’m not sure if you understand war, but when a country invades another country, every move is defensive. Why couldn’t we send those fighter jets again? I assume it’s because there’s no profit in sending old planes to war.

I don’t want to send American soldiers to die in Ukraine.

I also don’t want innocent civilians to be murdered in a foreign country.

I just fear World War III has already begun, and we’re letting it unfold instead of trying to stop it.

Amount of Money the United States Has Sent to Ukraine

2021:  $1,000,000,000

January 19: $200,000,000

February 26: $350,000,000

March 10: $13,600,000,000

March 12: $200,000,000

March 17: $800,000,000

Total: $16,150,000,000

(That’s over sixteen billion dollars for people like me who suck with commas and numbers.)

The Biden Administration Meets with TikTok Influencers to Control the Narrative

Last week, Biden met with 30 TikTok influencers in what his administration is calling an attempt to stop the spread of Russian disinformation around inflation and rising gas prices. That’s the Biden plan. Control the narrative. Why bother to find a solution? Or spend time with energy influencers who can propose ideas to stop inflation? Perception is more important than reality these days, and what President Biden is doing is spreading propaganda. Propaganda is asking teenagers and young adults to explain rising gas prices using talking points provided by the Executive Branch of government on a video app that’s owned by a questionable company in China.

And for the record, inflation began well before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Inflation surges 7.5% on an annual basis, even more than expected and highest since 1982

“With another surprise jump in inflation in January, markets continue to be concerned about an aggressive Fed,” said Barry Gilbert, asset allocation strategist at LPL Financial. “While things may start getting better from here, market anxiety about potential Fed overtightening won’t go away until there are clear signs inflation is coming under control.” – CNBC on February 10, 2022

U.S. Inflation Charges Higher With Larger-Than-Forecast Gain

“The rapid pickup in inflation boils down in large part to the mismatch between supply and demand. With the help of massive government stimulus, a surge in household purchases, strained factories and global supply chains. Capacity constraints of U.S. producers trying to ramp up production were made worse by a smaller pool of available labor.”  – Bloomberg on February 10, 2022

Consumer Prices Continue to Soar, Rising 7.5% in January

“Other economists say that some of the reasons for the spike in inflation, such as supply chain disruptions and a tight supply of labor, could be reversing.” – U.S. News & World Report on February 10, 2022

Can Joe Biden Control Gas Prices? Here’s What the President Can Do

“Meanwhile, Cahill said Biden was not to blame for rising gas prices, but he believed his administration needed a “recalibration” that includes continued investment in oil and gas to work alongside his stated climate change goals focused on energy transition.

“I think the challenge for Biden is that he has articulated a very ambitious long-term climate goal which is important,” he said, “but it is running into the short-term reality of increasing energy costs and a lot of concerns about inflation. I think it is time to recalibrate to soften some of the messages on energy and to acknowledge the reality that we can’t flip the switch overnight and change the energy system. This is going to take time.”   Newsweek on November 11, 2021

Read that last date again.

There is Russian disinformation out there. No question. But in January 2022, inflation posted its biggest 12-month increase since February 1982. The 12-month increase was 7.5%, up from 7.0% in the period through December 2021 (Investopedia). Russian invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. So, Russia caused inflation? How does that work? Why can’t inflation be a combination of things? The U.S. government printed too much money and devalued the dollar. Greedy executives are trying to make back the money “they lost” during the last two years of the pandemic. The Biden administration has anti-gas policies. (Whether you agree with climate change or not, it’s the policies I’m discussing, not their merits.) The gas price surge didn’t start with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our President’s policies and inaction have spiked inflation. Supply and demand shortages didn’t help. Corporate greed and the Russian invasion made things worse.

Big Tech and the Media Lied by Labeling Hunter Biden’s Laptop as Russian Disinformation

On March 16, the New York Times confirmed that the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop in a Delaware repair shop was real. This troubling for many reasons. In October 2020, the New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story. However, social media apps flagged and deleted New York Post stories from their platforms labeling the information regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation. No one was allowed to talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop on social media. If they did, it was flagged. Multiple mainstream media outlets, fifty former national security advisers, social media fact checkers, Joe Biden, and Jen Psaki called the laptop “Russian disinformation.” For seventeen months they spouted this.

Spoiler: They were all lying.

I expect politicians to lie. I don’t expect media members and Big Tech executives to suppress the truth. Fact checkers deemed something true as “fake news” and “Russian disinformation.” Broadcast news readers parroted the talking points of the Democratic Party.  Newsrooms across the country ignored the Hunter Biden story, didn’t investigate the claims, or were told not to cover the story. Why didn’t the media cover the story? Aren’t journalists supposed to investigate stories? Wasn’t it investigative reporting that exposed Watergate and forced President Nixon to resign? Or is investigative reporting a partisan issue this millennium?

The Hunter Biden laptop story initially broke during the tail end of the 2020 election season. Having a laptop filled with shady business dealings of a Presidential candidate’s son could be damaging to a campaign. We saw it four years earlier. A scandal may have crushed Hilary Clinton’s chances at beating Trump in the 2016 election. Big Tech and the mainstream media would be damned if Joe Biden would be dealt the same blow. Or maybe Big Tech fact checkers and reporters found evidence that the laptop was Russian disinformation. If they did, I haven’t seen anything citing sources or explaining how this is Russian disinformation. Weird. Perhaps, Big Tech fact checkers and journalists across the country are incompetent. They’re blind to their own bias. Rather than investigate things their political ideologies disagree with, they ignore them and label them false.

Evil or incompetence.

That’s what Big Tech and the media have displayed regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop. Using the old “Russia boogeyman” to stop further questions or investigations. It’s evil or incompetence. Nothing else. I’m not sure which is worse. Russian disinformation does exist in our world, but it’s also a thing politicians say when they’re lying. The tricky part is finding out which is which.

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