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The Hangover Caused By International Women’s Day

Yesterday my social media newsfeeds were covered with corporations and businesses putting up graphics and statements about women and how much they are valued. Here we are a day after International Women’s Day, and nothing has changed for women in this country. Another corporate “holiday” for companies to pretend to care about women with no substance or action.

However, there is some promise.

In addition to businesses pretending to care about women for twenty-four hours, there was a glimmer of hope. Women all over the world expressed love, unity, power, and of course, their demands. Demands like equal pay. The right to choose what they do with their bodies. More political representation. No discrimination in the workplace. No price gouging on the account of having a vagina. You know, basic things men don’t ever have to worry about.

For example, why is it okay for a man, especially one in power, to yell, scream, rage and throw a tantrum like a toddler in the office while women are considered a bitch for questioning authority or being firm? Why is a woman “emotional” for shedding tears or displaying the slightest bit of anger while at work?

Have you ever seen the cost of makeup? Or the price of women’s razors and shampoo compared to men’s products, which are pretty much, if not 100%, the same thing? Toys, clothes, and even senior healthcare products designed for women cost more than men’s items. The extra dollars these items cost has been referred to as the “pink tax”, which is still prevalent today. In 2019, H.R. 2048, the Pink Tax Repeal Act died in Congress. (Hint: It’s because we need more women in politics and less old white dudes.)

Unfortunately, that’s just a small layer of the onion.

Do you bleed once a month from your sex organ?

Tax that vagina.

Thirty states charge women a tax on products that ensure women don’t bleed all over themselves. (But like have women tried to stop menstruating?) Only 20 states have gotten rid of the tampon tax aka the tax on period products. We should rename the tax to “the women’s tax” because that’s what it really is.

Money is the great equalizer. More money in the pockets of women will help women achieve power and the ability to fight for equality. That means equal salaries and the same pricing for products. That’s where we need to start.

In my opinion though, the saddest thing for women in America is how we constantly tell them they aren’t enough. We demand impossible beauty standards, so women will buy a bunch of products at the mere cost of trashing their self-esteem. (You’re not beautiful, fix your lashes, imperfect skin and lips with these things to transform into a beauty queen.)  Makeup, elective surgeries, and rejuvenation doesn’t enhance beauty, it conceals it. Women are beautiful just the way they are.

The world is constantly telling women how unattractive they are, paying them less, and abusing them in the office. (Sexual harassment at work is RAMPANT, my friends.)

Fuck the celebrities and companies that pray on women’s insecurities to get women to buy more expensive products with their less salary while destroying their self-worth. And double fuck all those companies who pay their women less than men, but post about women on International Women’s Day.

For a society that swears to protect the fairer of our species, we sure treat women like shit. 

Now, I could continue to highlight the inequalities women face in our world at large, but wouldn’t it make more sense to learn about women’s inequality from women?

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