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Pam & Tommy Advances Rape Culture in America

I’m a little late to the party. I know in this world, a day after a show or series premieres, it’s already forgotten about. Don’t worry though, this is a perfect story for Women’s History Month.

I almost titled this blog, “Illegal Tape Stolen from Celebrities; Disney Exploits Revenge Porn Story For Profit” but that was too many characters for a headline.

Here’s how Hulu describes their new hit series, “Pam & Tommy”:

Set in the Wild West early days of the Internet, “Pam & Tommy” is based on the incredible true story of the Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan) sex tape. Stolen from the couple’s home by a disgruntled contractor (Seth Rogen), the video went from underground bootleg-VHS curiosity to full-blown global sensation when it hit the Web in 1997. A love story, crime caper and cautionary tale rolled into one, the eight-part original limited series explores the intersection of privacy, technology and celebrity, tracing the origins of our current reality TV Era to a stolen tape seen by millions but meant to have an audience of just two.

Guy feels ripped off by Tommy Lee, so he robs him, and sells the video he stole for massive profits. Exploiting a woman having sex as revenge.

Scandal. Nostalgia. Rock and roll. Sex.

Disney and Hulu decided to turn that into a TV series.

Sex does sell.

And the world is so shitty these days that everyone chases nostalgia dopamine hits.

Did I mention the woman in the sex tape is really hot? A sex icon with the biggest breasts seen on cable TV? Maybe the most famous beautiful woman in America?

Disney and Hulu knew it was a profitable idea.

Hell, the sex tape sold like hot cakes.

A show about the sex tape would do double the sales!

However, Pam & Tommy would be created without the blessing of Pamela Anderson.

“I do know she’ll never, never watch this,” the source (close to Pamela Anderson) said. “Not even years from now. Not even the trailer.”

So, how did Disney and Hulu get around this “minor” inconvenience?

Rolling Stone wrote a piece in 2014 about the stolen sex tape, which is what Seth Rogen and his cronies at Disney and Hulu used to create a “sexy” limited series without the permission of Pamela Anderson, the woman who was exploited in her most private moments without consent. Now, nearly thirty years later, Pamela Anderson was once again exploited to the entire world without giving her consent over a show about her stolen sex tape.


She asked for it.

She sexualized herself.

Her chest slowly bounced across my screen in the nineties, I deserve to see her naked after all that teasing.

She posed for Playboy! What’s the big deal?

That sounds like rape culture to me.

Because it is.

Other defenses of Pam & Tommy are laughable.

Pam and Tommy shouldn’t have recorded their sex acts!

It’s their own fault!

That’s the price of fame!

How many things have you done that you shouldn’t have?

How many times have your most embarrassing and private moments being exposed to the entire world?

Pamela Anderson is a human being first.

Not your jerkoff fantasy.

She doesn’t owe you shit.

Certainly not a look into her sex life if she doesn’t want you there.

Pamela Anderson deserve the right to veto a show about her being robbed, exposed, and humiliated in a revenge porn scheme. Especially when the show gives her no share of their profits.

America continues to fight for racial injustice, the LGBTQ+ community, minorities and other important humans in our population, while fifty percent of our country (women) are ignored or not even thought about it. #MeToo lasted a hot minute before false accusations and the extremist push to assume men are ALWAYS guilty completely derailed the movement. It’s a complicated situation, where women need to be heard with their accusations taken seriously. With that being said, when one man is accused of multiple sexual assaults in a position of power, it’s almost safe to assume that he’s a piece of shit rapist.


Back to Pam & Tommy.

Is Pamela Anderson shallow?


I don’t know her.

Did her breasts enhancements help her career?

Some questions are easily answered.

But imagine being robbed, violated, and exposed to the entire world.

And then having to relive that trauma, with your kids, now older, getting to see it, too.

Commercials, articles, shows, and social media posts blasting your biggest regret all over the world.

Reliving your most embarrassing moment of your life while others rake in profits from it.

It’s disgusting.

Pamela Anderson was an attractive, young girl in a world where big tits, slim waists, and blonde hair got you paid a lot more … and a lot easier … than breaking any glass ceilings.

Seems much hasn’t changed since then.

Maybe we should start there.

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