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A T.V. “Doctor” and a Hedge-Fund Manager Running for Pennsylvania’s Open Senate Seat Highlights How Broken American Politics Is

When I think of Pennsylvania, I don’t think of steel mills. Not blue-collar workers. Ben Franklin, who? Not the Amish. Or the Quakers. Not the founding fathers of our country. Not the factories. Not the everyday people struggling in jobs they hate barely making ends meet while living paycheck to paycheck.

No, I think of a millionaire T.V. doctor and a millionaire hedge-fund manager.

You don’t think that’s a good representation of Pennsylvania?

Well, two rich, egotistical, greedy tourists think they represent the common Pennsylvanian. And they want your vote. Two of the top candidates running for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania are just those things… and also a T.V. doctor and a hedge-fund manager. Those are two occupations that really represent the common people of the Keystone State. These jobs are definitely not elitist jobs. Nope. Definitely a representation of the common Pennsylvanian.

Somehow this story gets worse.

Scammer T.V. Doctor

After a decade plus hosting his own T.V. show, Dr. Oz decided he could help our country by running for office in a state he’s lived in since 2022.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, “(Dr. Oz) lived in New Jersey for years but switched to vote in Montgomery County last December (2020), at his in-laws’ home in Bryn Athyn.”

Dr. Oz used his in-laws’ Pennsylvania address to register to vote in Pennsylvania in 2020 despite living in New Jersey in 2020 and for decades before that.


That sounds like voter fraud to me. It’s at the very least a sleazy move by a wannabe sleaze.

“I can’t be bought,” Dr. Oz says in one of his ads. Allegedly, he says it a ton during speeches along his campaign trail, too. But the lie detector test determined that was a lie.

Dr. Oz reached a $5.25 million deal in a false advertising class action lawsuit accusing him of overstating the benefits of dietary supplements promising weight loss.The lawsuit was over Dr. Oz’s endorsement of green tea extract as a magic diet pill. I fell for the scam by the friendly, Oprah-endorsed, doctor on T.V. myself. But I still haven’t received my $30 that was a part of that settlement.

Since Dr. Oz is so willing to violate his Hippocratic oath to earn some advertising dollars, I will now only refer to him as Mr. Oz. He doesn’t respect his oath, so I don’t respect his degree. No matter how wonderful the school that gave him that degree is.

You might be thinking, that’s too much. We all make mistakes. The guy was a doctor and went to medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, which was the only time Mr. Oz lived in Pennsylvania.

But with Mr. Oz, there’s a pattern of profits over patients. Some people call that ethics, and Mr. Oz’s are questionable at best.

In 2014, (Mr. Oz) took at least $1.2 million from pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Why does the money that Dr. Oz took from pharma and medical device companies matter? First, it proves he can be bought, despite his campaign messaging. And also because big pharma spent $92 million on lobbying for pro-pharma actions in government during the first quarter of 2021, which is the most spent by any industry in the country. As for more recent lobbying numbers for big pharma:

Pfizer topped the list of the largest pharma companies in the latest quarter, spending $3 million on lobbying in Q4, which is about half a million more than they spent in the same quarter a year earlier, but not quite as high as its Q1 2020 level of more than $4 million. In 2021, Pfizer spent more than $10.3 million, about half a million less than in 2020.

Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine competitor AstraZeneca and pharma heavyweight Novartis spent about $1.5 million each in the latest quarter on lobbying, which was also almost double the amount each spent during the same period the previous year. – Endpoints News

It’s the perfect time for Mr. Oz to run for office. He could do a lot of damage by connecting with big pharma lobbyists. Mr. Oz has already dipped his hand into that money pool and he’s got at least $1.2 million to prove it.

Hey now. He’s trying to make ends meet. He’s probably a good doctor.

In 2014, a team of medical researchers released a report proving that 60% of advice given on Mr. Oz’s TV show lacked scientific basis. Soon afterward, 1,300 doctors signed an open letter calling him “a quack and a fake and a charlatan” whose “advice endangers patients.” – Forbes

Being correct forty percent of the time is an amazing percentage if you’re a hitter in baseball. Forty percent efficiency looks fantastic when compared to the percentage of success lockdowns had on COVID-19. But it’s a bad percentage for someone who calls himself a doctor. Or in almost any job in the world. Hell, even meteorologists get it right at least forty percent of the time. You know who gets it right more than forty percent of the time? Punxsutawney Phil. A fucking groundhog has a better shot at predicting six more weeks of winter than Mr. Oz has at giving credible medical advice. (This directly proves my point that this T.V. doctor is more of a Mr. Oz than a Dr. Oz.)


That’s only a description of one of the candidates and it was exhausting.

A Typical Corrupt Elitist

Before I explain why David McCormick shouldn’t be the Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate, let’s take a minute to praise the man for his military service. McCormick was willing to put his life on the line for his country. McCormick served in the Gulf War and led a company of 130 soldiers who were tasked with clearing minefields. Bad ass. Brave. Patriotic. For his service, he should be thanked and praised. Because of people like McCormick, an asshole like me has the freedom to type on a computer and attack politicians’ records.

Thank you, Mr. McCormick for your service.

Unfortunately, service in the military doesn’t make a person a viable candidate for political office. Especially one who doesn’t actually give a shit about Pennsylvania or its residents. You know the people who are set to elect him.

Here’s why you should be wary of his candidacy.

McCormick is a hedge-fund manager, who lived in Connecticut since 2005. Sounds elitist to me. He moved back to Pennsylvania in 2022. Just like Mr. Oz! When McCormick, like Mr. Oz, saw an open Senate seat in Pennsylvania, suddenly he moved to Pennsylvania. The only difference between McCormick and Mr. Oz is that McCormick grew up in Pennsylvania. So, I guess he has dibs despite being MIA in the state since 2005. But returning to Pennsylvania is kind of patriotic. McCormick returning to his roots just in time to save the state he grew up in.

What a load of bullshit.

The last time he was a resident of Pennsylvania, McCormick was accused of outsourcing jobs from Pittsburgh to India. McCormick denied the claim but said he did have to eliminate forty to fifty Pittsburgh-based jobs while serving as the CEO of FreeMarkets in the early 2000s.

So, why were these Pennsylvania jobs eliminated, McCormick? Why did McCormick fire fifty Americans from their jobs and add one hundred new jobs in India weeks later? Was business bad for FreeMarkets? Was it to increase FreeMarkets company’s profits? Did McCormick take a pay cut instead of firing fifty people?

No one believes McCormick’s “realigning” corporate doublespeak bullshit he spews out when asked about this obvious disregard for Americans. His answer is embarrassing and an insult to Americans’ intelligence.

Here’s what the New York Post wrote about it in November 2021:

The online auction service FreeMarkets Inc, which McCormick led as president from 2001 and as CEO from 2002, made the cuts (50 Pittsburgh jobs) weeks before McCormick visited India in February 2003 and announced 100 job openings in New Delhi.

McCormick’s foes call it outsourcing. His friends call it realigning company operations.

I call it leaving fifty Pennsylvanians without a paycheck, healthcare, or a livelihood. I mean, why pay Pennsylvanians a livable wage when you can double your workforce by underpaying people in India?

Again, McCormick has repeatedly denied these outsourcing claims on the campaign trail. I can’t blame him. Who in their right mind would vote someone into a position of power who sold out his own American employees for bigger profit margins by buying non-American labor?

Yet in 2005, McCormick told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “that his work sending jobs overseas would be an asset” for his new role in the Bush administration.

First of all, what new role in George W. Bush’s administration required someone to be good at outsourcing American jobs to foreign lands? Second, how can McCormick deny he sent Pennsylvanian jobs to a foreign country for cheap labor when he is quoted saying it would help him in his role with the Bush administration? I mean, McCormick’s quote is basically a nicer way of saying “I fired fifty Americans, who happen to live in Pennsylvania, for cheaper labor in India, and by doing this I got a great job with George W. Bush.”

Can McCormick clarify his words on this outsourcing issue for the voters in Pennsylvania? Because the way McCormick said it in 2005, it seems like he was proud that he forced fifty Pennsylvanians to the unemployment line by sending their vacant jobs overseas. I mean, it got McCormick a great job in politics! Shouldn’t he be proud?

McCormick has a point, though. Cheap labor in a foreign country is good for business. Fifty Pennsylvania workers equals a hundred employees in India. I suck at math, but that’s a hell of a deal. Profits first, baby. Pennsylvanians second. The corrupt, greedy capitalist way. The McCormick way.

Somehow, that’s not even the only foreign-financial scandal McCormick is involved in. According to my well-placed sources, McCormick loves helping human rights violators raise millions of dollars. And by millions, I mean over one billion.

In December (2021), as he was considering a campaign, McCormick told his colleagues at his hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, that he disagreed with co-chairman and founder Ray Dalio’s defenses of China, according to a report from Bloomberg. And he published an op-ed at Fox Business on January 13, the day he entered the Senate race, calling China ‘”the greatest economic and national security threat to the United States.” –CNN

Yeah! Fuck those Commie, human rights violating bastards running China!

Right, McCormick?


Human rights violators spend American dollars, too. And McCormick can’t help but grab that Communist cash with his dirty paws.

In November 2021, McCormick was CEO of Bridgewater when the company raised $1.3 billion for a new private fund in China. McCormick led his company to its third and largest investment fund in China two months before calling China “the greatest economic and national security threat to the United States.” 


That can’t be right.

Two months before running for Pennsylvania Senator, McCormick literally helped communists, who violate human rights every single day, raise money. And by raising money, I mean McCormick helped China raise over one billion dollars. One billion dollars. Re-read that in a Dr. Evil voice because it’s pretty fucking horrific considering McCormick denounced China as “the greatest economic and national security threat to the United States” sixty days after his billion-dollar dealings with China. McCormick doesn’t even mention the human rights violations in his statement, but even without it, that’s a pretty awful partner McCormick is doing business with. By his own words, nonetheless.

Again, McCormick is directly funding the country (China) he called “the greatest economic and national security threat to the United States.” I can’t stress this point enough. It’s actually so disgusting that it’s funny how terrible, greedy, and two-faced it is.

Now, if that’s not a shining example of the back-door deal making that our U.S. politicians have become known for, I don’t know what is. Tell the voters that China is pure evil, while also making a billion-dollar deal with “the greatest economic and national security threat to the United States.”

McCormick should fit right in with the rest of the crooked politicians in Congress. 


Why would a guy who plays a doctor on T.V. and a capitalist swine want to explore a political run?

A less stressful job? Their current jobs aren’t as stressful as being politicians. Not in today’s 24/7 news cycle and violent political discourse.

I wonder if being a puppet for lobbyists and corporate greed is more stressful than being a television star or spending a career making rich people even richer?

Could they be running for office for more money? Nope. Each candidate would be taking a significantly less salary to pursue this political career path.

That’s weird. And extremely noble for a couple of men whose recent track record shows anything but nobility.

In a time when us common folk are fighting for livable wages, the rich are chasing lower salaried jobs. I wonder why that is. Can’t be corruption, greed, or vanity. Definitely not some sort of over-inflated ego or God complex. I wonder what the appeal is to making less money in such an uncertain world.

Maybe Mr. Oz and McCormick believe they can make the state better for the common Pennsylvanian. That’s what their political ads allude to. But it’s also what every political ad in America alludes to (with a few word changes – the words being the candidate’s name and location). How’s that been working out for us common folk?

Speaking of ads, McCormick and Mr. Oz have spent a combined $10 million on television ads thus far. Thus far meaning, the first few weeks of their political campaigns.

$10 million dollars is more money than the four generations of my family born in America have earned COMBINED in our lifetimes. My great grandfather, grandfather, father were hard laborers, too. Working long, hard days to put food on the table. But combined, with my earnings, we haven’t sniffed $10 million. These corrupt bureaucrat wannabes spent $10 million like it was pocket change during the “first few weeks” of a political campaign. 

Let that one sink in. 

Super PACs (which need to be banned) supporting Republican candidates have chipped in an additional $3 million to McCormick and Mr. Oz’s campaigns. Why raise money to make healthcare affordable, to combat poverty or to aid in the crime surge dismantling our country when rich people can make anonymous donations to Super PACs? I’ll tell you why they do this. It’s called quid pro quo. Donors give money to a Super PACs to buy political influence. Usually Super PACs use the donations to flood the market with ads for and/or against a certain opponent/position. Super PACs are just another way the elites in our country price-out the common people from getting candidates that actually represent our desires and basic needs elected.

So, what about these two new Pennsylvania “residents” running for Senate in 2022? I just can’t seem to fathom how either one of these men can address the issues facing the common Pennsylvanian, when they have nothing in common with the common Pennsylvanian.

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