Last Chance California Asks If We’re All Doomed to Become Our Parents

Two years after moving into his mom’s basement, millennial releases his musings titled “Last Chance California”

Last Chance California, a dark humor and contemporary fiction novel, showcases our world, on the verge of the COVID-19 pandemic, through the eyes of a sarcastic and stubborn millennial as he attempts to break his family’s cycle of abuse. That’s just a romantic way of saying a depressed and lost man goes full-blown alcoholic after moving to California to escape the clutches of his abuser. 

“I’m no different than any of the other fools who transformed into Hemingway during lockdown,” said Brian Price, the guy who wrote the book.  “But have you seen all the trash that is getting published these days? How many politician’s memoirs do we really need? And why does everyone think the way to grow a brand is to release a book as a thought expert? Last Chance California isn’t as horrible as that garbage, but then again  I wrote the book, so I’m biased.” 

The dark humor story follows a disillusioned millennial who moves to California after realizing he’s more like his abusive father than he realizes. There’s romance, sex, drugs, exotic locations, depression, and substance abuse rampant through the novel. So much so, the author prays nightly that his book sells because if it doesn’t, Price believes he will have a hard time finding work in Corporate America, considering the shenanigans in his book. And the fact his novel demolishes America’s corporate culture.

“It’s fiction with a little bit of my own journey sprinkled in,” Price said. “At first, I described the book as a coming-of-age novel, but the book police who patrol the interwebs reprimanded me and told me only child or teenage protagonists can be the main character in those novels. But I think that’s a bunch of crap. Coming of age doesn’t have a set age or expiration date.”

But in all seriousness, Last Chance California highlights some of the glaring deficiencies in our society while also reminding readers of the complexity of families, the imperfections of humans, and the burdens we carry every day. 

“I’m dry and sarcastic because I like attention, but the heart of my story is child abuse and the lifelong effects of it,” Price said. “There’s a negative stigma around child abuse. It’s worse when victims want to come forward about the truth.  I felt shame and guilt … my entire life. I never knew why. I didn’t realize my childhood wasn’t normal until I was in my thirties. And once I discovered I was abused, things got worse. A lot worse. Memories flooded my brain and I found ways to blame myself for the horror I experienced. The abuse hurt me way beyond my childhood years. It was still continuing to affect my life every day. It’s sad that  I know I’m not alone in these feelings.”

“Every blog post is supposed to end with a call-to-action to get you to a website to drive internet traffic or to convince you to buy my products, which you totally should, but more importantly, I’m also asking for people to start speaking up when they see neglect and abuse directed at a child. I’m not condoning or asking anyone to be violent or aggressive toward another human. It’s also not our job to tell people how to parent, but it’s everyone’s job to speak out and protect the innocent. If one adult spoke up for me, my life could have been a lot different.”

About Last Chance California

Terrified he’s becoming just like his father, Wyatt Lewis, a disillusioned millennial, breaks up with his fiancée to chase his childhood dream – a fresh start in Southern California.

Once in San Diego, Wyatt reunites with an old friend, Summer Harrison, while falling hard for the elusive and free-spirited, Leah Murphy. Summer and Leah show Wyatt a dazzling world littered with lavish speakeasies, egregious drug use, and overpriced cocktails. Surrounded by fake glamor and stuck in a terrible corporate job, Wyatt’s escape turns into his worst nightmare.

Overworked, alone, and filled with regret, the aspiring writer spirals down a self-destructive path that forces him to confront the violent past he ran away to California to forget.

Last Chance California is available as a paperback and on Kindle Unlimited.

You can purchase the book here