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way ahead of his time

norm knew O.J. did it

costing him

the job he was born to do

a pioneer of not giving a fuck

the man was a comedic genius

one of the elite

he got off what was on his chest

too smart for his stubborn mind

his wit was second to none

norm beat to his own drum.

like he could give a fuck

about the people he’d offend

just to hit the right line

at the perfect time.

laughs or groans

loved or loathed

with nothing in between.

appreciate the art

of the man who wasn’t afraid to be himself

now, now maybe it’s somebody else

norm believed the best jokes ended with the first lines

so just so we’re clear,

even after all these years,

O.J. Simpson fucking did it.

Rest in Peace, Norm.

Published inWeak Ass Poetry

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