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there are things that make a man’s blood boil

corrupt bureaucrats run things around here

while corporations fund our candidates in ‘free’ elections.

abused, starved, and raped children

a silent disease

infecting the rich

with extra dough to blow.

slow drivers in the left lane

pissed I’m riding their ass

despite their disregard

for our laws.

the graduates from Ivy League schools

telling everyone how to live

with no understanding

of what life is really like

without a silver spoon.

people who don’t take responsibility for their actions

but in their righteous minds,

they are seldom wrong

always spewing their ‘conclusions’ to whomever will listen.

maybe its rising temperatures frying our brains

excessive greed always plagued our species

I don’t really know why things are getting worse

but now, I can’t seem to find the words

out of nowhere

ruining all my plots

there she was

with a smile and a kiss

everything changed.

her freckles come out of hiding when she spends time in the sun

but I don’t mind

you should see how she looks in a bikini.

she likes middle of the night snacks

from a bad case of sleep eating

I think she likes ice cream,

just a little much.

the way she smiles

when she wakes up to find me in her bed

makes it hard to leave

I stay instead.

always listening while I ramble my words

before correcting me when I’m wrong

she’s one of kind

and all mine.

the best things seem to disappear

at least that’s what I’ve known

so, this might not last forever

but I hope it stays just like this

for as long as she’ll have me.

Published inWeak Ass Poetry

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