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a summer storm

a terrifying calm finds the afternoon

dark clouds slowly invade the peaceful sky

forcing the sun to hide

day turns night

right before our very eyes.

wild animals seek shelter

as thunder rumbles in the distance

branches sway in the wind

rain slams down

bouncing off the ground

if you count the seconds 

between flash and thunder

you’ll find your distance 

from the storm’s most ferocious weather.

hairs on my body come to full attention

I run to another room

afraid the lighting found me

wanting to give me a jolt. 


the lightning strikes faster

the thunder booms louder

the rain slams harder

whipping gusts

blows branches off their trees

lightning darts across the sky

power lines swing 

sparking the streets

the block of houses electrifies and shakes

before fading into dark.

the storm never quits

attacking hard and fast

but it’s unable to last.

before long the storm rolls out of sight

leaving only the fading roar of thunder and a steady rain.

Published inWeak Ass Poetry

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