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the woke

many forget,

the world may be perfect,

but people sure are not.

there’s a difference between truth and perspective,

silencing those who challenge yours, 

highlights your lack of understanding, 

of the clan,

you call your own.

those who deem themselves righteous of them all,

always need a fight to stand tall. 

legacies tarnished with intolerance

believing your thoughts to be the purest,

you’re no different

than other evil assholes,

in our world’s history.

Hitler thought he was right,

and doing work for the greater good,

as did Genghis Khan, 

the Salem witch trials, 


and the crusades.

maybe you should read a book

and give your fingers a rest.

but too busy 

looking to prove you’re the best.

an unwavering belief in one’s superiority,

only leads to suppression.

a bully is a bully,

no matter what you think you are.

the more stones you throw at flaws,

the more you hurt your cause.

someday the mob will come for you,

because you haven’t got a fuckin’ clue.

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